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Who are we?

American Federal works with individuals, families, federal employees, military, veterans and seniors around the United States. Helping people manage their insurance and their retirement. Each employee we counsel comes to us with different situations. We take our knowledge of the benefits and the employee's specific situation and marry them together into a plan that works for them. We feel we provide the Federal & Postal employee one of the most valuable assets you can have when it comes to retirement and benefits and peace of mind.

Our leadership

Richard & Rayna Reyes, Co-Founders

Richard and Rayna Reyes, Co-founders of American Federal Benefits Consultants, have dedicated their careers to helping people make smarter financial decisions. With a strong commitment to ethical standards, Richard and Rayna work together to find the right solution for each individual and family who reaches out for financial advice.


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Dedicated Financial Professionals

Here to serve you

We've been working with Federal Employees across the U.S. understand their benefits and gain valuable insight into planning for a successful retirement. With a strong passion for helping others, our team members work diligently to answer your questions and give you the right information you'll need when making important financial decisions. 

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